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Hydraulic Cantilever Boat Lift

The perfect shallow water boat lift with effortless operation

Hewitt's hydraulic cantilever boat lift is ideal for shallow water. Imagine pressing a button on a key-fob remote control as you walk to your dock and having your boat in the water and ready to go when you arrive. That’s the convenience and sophistication you get with a hydraulic cantilever boat lift. It is based on our standard cantilever design, these lifts are ideal for shallow water (as little as 24” of water) making them perfect for use with shorter docks. Available in 3900 lb and 5200 lb capacity models. This shallow water boat lift has a low profile and is the shallowest boatlift in the industry since 2001 operating with water levels only 6” deep.

Great for depths less than 3' where traditional hydraulic lifts may not work 3900lb and 5200lb capacity.

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