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Cantilever Boat & Pontoon Lift

Simple, reliable boat & pontoon lift design

The original Hewitt cantilever boat and pontoon lift continue to be one of our most popular lifts. These rugged general-purpose electric or manual boat lifts have a natural mechanical advantage that actually makes operation easier as the boat is raised higher. Cantilever lifts also have a long history of trouble-free performance. They have fewer moving parts for superior reliability and place less stress on pulleys and cables. In the cantilever lift’s fully raised position, cables carry no weight; the load is entirely supported by the frame. Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction also assures low maintenance – no rust, no painting. Our cantilever lift design is ideal for boats and pontoons but can be fitted for smaller watercraft like a paddle boat lift.

We have three operation styles available: electric with AC power, electric with DC battery power, and manual. A manual boat lift is the most cost-effective and simple operation. It has an easy-to-use hand crank for the winch. An electric boat lift will do all the work for you by raising and lowering the boat with a winch. It is important to know your weight capacity for boat lift selection.

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